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Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks - Digital Photography

Tip #14 - Work to Develop Your Style - Page 33

Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks of Digital Photography

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Did You Know?
If you want to sell your photographs in most art shows or display them in galleries, you are more likely to have your work shown if you have a distinct style, shoot on a theme, or both. A series of random photographs with no connection can be considerably less interesting than a group of photos with a consistent style or theme.
Whether you use the most sophisticated camera equipment, Polaroids or inbuilt cameras on mobile phones, it is an original vision that will most influence your photos. Style and unique approaches or subjects will help you more in creating interesting work than most store-bought equipment every could. Experiment, try different methods and technology until you find the results that speak to you.
These two photos taken by Larry Berman ( show a style unique to Larry because of the color infrared technique he uses and the way he portrays ordinary subjects.
Part of Larry Berman's style involves choosing ordinary subjects but shooting them in extraordinary ways.

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