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Larry Berman
The artist as a young man - circa 1978

Larry Berman
I've been selling my photographs professionally for over 30 years. I started in the 1970ís when I photographed professional sports specializing in basketball, and was staff photographer for the ABA New York Nets. I also sold stock through The Image Bank stock agency for over 20 years. For the past 27 years I've been selling my art photography at juried art shows throughout the country. Those images can be seen on, my fine art web site. Relatively new to computers (since 1998) I immediately was taken by the creative aspects of digital imaging and formed an understanding for the promotional opportunities that the web had to offer. I designed and implemented a few conceptual web sites like where your choice of 20 different graphics programs can be compared in side by side windows for their ability to create compressed Jpegs. I also created a digital jury test web site for the art show industry where artists can be juried from anywhere in the world and jury scores and jurors comments can be submitted by a form through e-mail. Aside from my web design, I do beta testing for Adobe Photoshop and ACDSee. My latest body of work is shot digitally and can be seen at In the last three years my photography has gone entirely digital and lately I've been shooting commercial assignments with the CoolPix 5000 and 5700. I've also started selling my CoolPix 5000 images for stock to Nikon's advertising agency.
Infrared Photography
I started creating digital infrared photographs as research for an article which appeared in the February 2002 issue of Shutterbug Magazine authored by Chris Maher and myself.
Using an 88A filter on a digital camera that has infrared sensitivity allowed me to produce true infrared images. Due to the sensitivity of the camera, the images can be seen clearly on the LCD screen. This is different from shooting infrared in a 35mm film camera where the focus and exposure is arrived at through trial and error, not knowing the results until examination of the developed film.
Color Infrared
I then took this a step further by using combinations of color filters on the camera lens that allow only a narrow band of color to be recorded by the camera. The wide range of colors in the finished images is produced by the varying amounts of light hitting the subjects. It's particularly visible in the shadows where the bright sunlight turns to shade. In some of the darker pictures, you can actually see things that are invisible to the naked eye.
Though created digitally, these images are still recorded through light that the camera sees and are printed through conventional means on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a 60-year life expectancy.
Color X-rays
An evolution of my initial style of color infrared. I've always carried a camera, and one day (in the summer of 2002) it was to the orthopedic surgeons office where my wife was getting x-rays taken. I was captivated by the look of the x-rays as the doctor examined them on the viewbox and wondered how they would photograph in my color infrared style. My wife's "knees" and "hands holding her hands x-rays" were my first two in what would become a popular ongoing series in a medical theme which eventually warranted it's own domain name of

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