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Where does the Color Come From?

This web site is a testament to Nikon's CoolPix 950, the CoolPix camera that had the most infrared sensitivity of any of the CoolPix models. Newer CoolPix models have infrared sensitivity, but not to the extent that the 950 did. Manufacturer's have since improved the colors that their cameras produce by using an internal filter to block infrared light.
My colors come from a combination of elements. Instead of using the standard infrared filters like the 87, 88A, or 89B, which block almost all visible light, I use combinations of color filters which produce an image that is similar to red and yellow one below (top). I've developed a custom Photoshop action that changes the colors to look like the bottom image. I use the same action on every image. Shadows from objects in direct sunlight have the most noticeable difference in colors.
I consider my technique true photography as I use a camera with light sensitivity to capture an image. It's a technique that can also be credited to using the new digital tools that advances in technology have given us because the colors cannot be created any other way. But it's all based on using light.
Also on this web site I have a letter directed to art show directors explaining how the definitions of photography have changed, based on advancements in technology.

Before and After
What the raw infrared file looks like




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