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Artist Statement

Iíve always been interested in infrared photography and have recently started creating images digitally. Using an 88A filter on a digital camera that has infrared sensitivity allowed me to produce true infrared images. Due to the sensitivity of the camera, the images can be seen clearly on the LCD screen. This is different from shooting infrared in a 35mm film camera where the focus and exposure is arrived at through trial and error, not knowing the results until examination of the developed film.

I then took this a step further by using combinations of color filters on the camera lens that allow only a narrow band of color to be recorded by the camera. The wide range of colors in the finished images is produced by the varying amounts of light hitting the subjects. It's particularly visible in the shadows where the bright sunlight turns to shade. In some of the darker pictures, you can actually see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Though created digitally, these images are still recorded through light that the camera sees and are printed through conventional means on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a 60-year life expectancy.


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