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Mastering Digital Printing:
The Photographer's and Artist's Guide to High-Quality Digital Output
Harald Johnson

The Chair - Color Infrared by Larry Berman
"The Chair" Photograph is featured in both the English and French
versions of "Mastering Digital Printing" by Harald Johnson

Mastering Digital Printing by Harald Johnson

Written for photographers, digital and traditional artists, and printmakers, Mastering Digital Printing: The Photographer's and Artist's Guide to High-Quality Digital Output is the first in-depth reference to the new world of digital printing for photography and fine art. This authoritative book, published by Muska & Lipman and available (November, 2002) at book stores, camera shops, and online sellers, provides: a thorough introduction to this exploding medium, instruction in the latest digital printing techniques, and an inspiring Gallery Showcase of the best of digitally imaged and printed art and photography.

Part overview and part how-to, Mastering Digital Printing not only walks you through a complete, step-by-step workflow for making a great inkjet print, but it also covers the pluses and minuses of using the print technologies of digital photoprint (LightJet, Lambda) and photo process (Fuji Frontier, Pictrography), dye sublimation, and electrophotography (color lasers).

"This book is about nothing less than a revolution," explains author Harald Johnson. "A revolution that, although barely a dozen years old, has enabled photographers and artists the world over to create and produce their work in a way that has never been available to them before: with high-quality digital printing."

Mastering Digital Printing is an invaluable guide and resource for anyone who has a hand in printing photographic or fine-art images digitally. You will learn about: how to pick the right inkjet printer, how to choose inks and papers, color management, print permanence, RIPs, self-printing versus using a professional printmaker, the difference between original prints and reproductions, wide-format vs. desktop printers, and advanced printing and image-editing techniques. Other special features include: an extensive resource section listing digital suppliers and digital-friendly galleries, art shows and contests; plenty of sidebars, charts, diagrams, and photos illustrating the book's text; and the first, accurate history of digital fine-art printmaking as well as the true origin of the term "giclée."

There is no comprehensive reference to the digital printing revolution like this book.

About the Author:
Harald Johnson has been immersed in the world of commercial and fine-art imaging and printing for more than 25 years. A lifelong photographer and an award-winning digital and commercial artist and designer, Johnson (who was introduced to digital imaging workflows in 1988 and has never looked back) is the creator and moderator of Yahoo's digital-fineart, the world's largest online discussion group on the subject of digital fine art and digital printing. He is also the creator of DP&, the digital printing and imaging resource for photographers and digital/traditional artists.

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